Yellow Teeth: How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth?
Yellow Teeth - Causes, Prevention and Solutions

In the following paragraphs, we discuss the factors that lead to a gradual yellowing about the teeth, preventative measures that may be taken to slow the look of yellow teeth and lastly, possible treatments to reduce the visibility factor of yellow teeth.

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Reasons for Yellow Teeth

There's a great many reasons for the look of yellow teeth:

•    Food and drink -there is a huge variety of foods and drinks that may have a discoloring effect on our teeth. In many instances, the appearance yellow teeth are the result of excessive indulgence in one or more of the staining factors alongside improper tooth care. Foods commonly being used that can cause yellow teeth include: tea and coffee, wine, some fruits (apples) and vegetables (potatoes), carbonated drinks and particularly cola.

•    Smoking is a well-known cause of yellow teeth. The more the person smokes, so the greater the deposit of nicotine that is left on the teeth. It may be the nicotine that causes the staining also it can be difficult to prevent its buildup despite regular brushing of the teeth.

•    Bad dental care, and irregular brushing and flossing of the teeth is another factor contributing to stained teeth primarily due to the fact that we fail to remove the buildup of staining elements contained in the foods we eat.

•    Illness and treatments can also cause tooth discoloration. You will find diseases that affect your tooth enamel and that can result in yellow teeth. Certain treatments and medicines can also have an adverse affect. Doxycycline and tetracycline can impact tooth coloring in youngsters below the age of 8, mouth washed that contain cetylpyridinium or chlorhexidine can also cause staining.

•    Age is another factor (one beyond our control) that causes the appearance of yellow teeth. This is a natural process due to the gradual erosion from the external layer of enamel that covers our teeth and also the gradual exposure of the yellow dentine layer beneath. To this we should add genetic factors that determine the thickness from the enamel layer from one person to another.

•    Environmental factors such as excessive exposure to fluoride (in both the water or the utilization of dental rinses or toothpastes with high fluoride level) can also result in tooth discoloration.

Treating Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth treatments depend, to some extent, on the reasons for the discoloring. Modern technologies have developed a number of techniques that can be used to reduce or even remove tooth discoloration. Basically, these treatments fall into three categories:

1.    Purchasing over-the-counter whitening agents from your local drug store. These may include special toothpastes or whitening tapes placed within the yellow teeth.

2.    Purchasing whitening agents to be used in your home environment from a licensed dental practitioner. These treatments are generally not available from a drug store.

3.    Dental procedures carried out in the dental surgery with a qualified and experienced dentist that may return yellow teeth to their original color. Such solutions include bondings and ceramic veneers that mimic and cover the original tooth.

Yellow or discolored teeth are highly undesirable and can cause many people acute discomfort and embarrassment. However, the problem is treatable and yellow teeth can be restored to their original, gleaming white color.

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